Created By: Devon Hyland & Connor Thompson

Danny and Bill are a couple of Poortown nobodies, slogging away on the lowest rung of the corporate ladder. Aside from watching the odd dogfight or getting a new batch of Crap Coupons in the mail, nothing interesting ever happens to those losers. But that all changes when their boss, fat-cat technocrat Alice Brassly, recruits them for a mission to travel back in time to fix her greatest mistake...

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Episode 1

Danny and Bill, two office drones at Brassly Enterprises, receive some mail.

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Episode 2

Danny and Bill travel to 1975 and discuss their wives along the way.

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Episode 3

Danny and Bill must use their eyes at a party.

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Episode 4

Danny and Bill drive a car.

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Episode 5

Danny and Bill have a passionate discussion.

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Episode 6

Danny and Bill come to the end of their mission.

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About the Creators

Devon Hyland (left) and Connor Thompson (on Devon's left)

Devon and Connor are the writers, directors, and editors of Time Drones. Before creating Time Drones, they toured all across Canada with their award-winning fringe show, Dale Beaner and the Turtle Boy.

Enlisting their "performer-friends" to do the voices, and composing all the music themselves, Time Drones took them just under a year to make. Now it's done.

Both Connor and Devon are alumni of The Second City Toronto Mainstage.


Contact: timedrones [at] gmail [dot] com